engagement & Satisfaction

Whether it is patient satisfaction in the healthcare continuum or donor satisfaction in the nonprofit sector, satisfaction is built on the quality of your interactions.


If you’re looking to bump up your satisfaction metrics or your feedback is less than stellar, we’d love to help you get your groove back.


We understand that physicians have less time than ever with patients and see the irony in asking them to move to a population health model built on relationships when face-to-face time is harder than ever to come by. Thankfully, engagement goes way beyond just the exam room interaction with the physician and we can help you activate staff at all levels of the practice and in the larger support network to help you please patients.


How? Here are some of the ways we work on Engagement & Satisfaction:

  • Physician and provider training on critical elements of engagement

  • Practice workshops that address and enhance interactions

  • Training and development for practice liaisons working with physicians in their accountable care organizations

  • Site visits to recommend positive changes to the physical plant

  • Development of collateral materials to enhance care delivery

  • Focus group and in-depth interview facilitation with your constituents for continuous improvement planning