Population health is still a relatively new concept in many American communities and continues to evolve as organizations identify what it means in the scope of their services. Let us help you get started or move your assessments into action.


Our team of experience healthcare administrators and public health experts can help you:

  • Complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

  • Construct a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) based on your CHNA

  • Build collaborative relationships with providers and local health organizations

  • Put health promotion efforts in place and drive constituents to action

  • Develop toolkits for provider office implementation and achievement of quality metrics

  • Market directly to your patient or constituent base to drive desire for services

  • Measure reach, engagement and outcomes of your efforts for reporting

  • Initiate workplace wellness efforts with local partners

  • Train your staff to better manage metrics and achieve outcomes

  • Launch train-the-trainer education programs


The IRS guidelines put into action with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act can be an undertaking that your system is not staffed to handle. Many organizations are staffed with practice liaisons, data analytics experts, nurses and social workers, but few have trained communicators. We’d be happy to be yours.


In this time of critical transformation, let us ensure that you don’t just meet the requirements, but thrive from your efforts!